What Traders Are Saying About Trade View

In this section we will post comments from some of our clients.


Robert Simson (VIC)

You can also read his story here: https://www.tradeview.com.au/trader-profile-robert-simson/


Tom W (NSW)


Adam (VIC)

Good afternoon Matt, thought I would share this with you as I know you love trading the GBP.
Built the long side over the weekend using a lot of what Bisher and Elay taught me at the course.
Couldn’t have done it without the course! Thank you for the support too.


Karthik (VIC)

Just really want to say an immense thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This would not have been possible without your suggestions and recommendations.
I’m gonna learn as much as I can from you guys as quickly as I can and get into the groove.


Trevor (SA)

Hi Bisher, Eddie, Rob and the rest of the team,

I would like to thank you all for a fantastic weekend in Melbourne.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this training earlier and it would have been great to have another day there.

I learnt a great deal about Trade View and the people involved.

Listening to Rob was most inspiring and understanding the dedication he has to being successful is what drives Trade View.

I am unable to imagine what you all have been through to get to the level you are at.

I am sure it has a lot to do with the people Rob has surrounded himself with.

Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to catching up with you in November.

Have a great week,



Hayden (QLD)

I have been a buy/hold investor for the past 7 years and followed the path of most retail investor‘s relying on daily information and stock recommendations from three different companies and they served me reasonably well, but decided I needed to take ownership and responsibility for my own capital.

The next move was to become a daily trader and after a few months realised I had a lot more to learn and if I was to be successful I had to become automated as most of the FX action occurred while I was asleep.

After some consideration I enrolled with Trade View because if you want to learn the correct way go to the people who do it for a living.

I have just completed the weekend work shop which was very stimulating and professionally presented, If you are serious about your trading I would recommend this course.

To get the most value for your investment I suggest you put in the effort prior to attending the weekend course with special emphasis on Unit 8 as the time spent with the traders on a one to one basis is invaluable.

Hayden – 71 Years of age


Stuart (WA)

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the awesome weekend.
Fantastic content, delivered brilliantly.

Truly amazing guys and yet another demonstration of what sets TVI apart from the crowd.


Sean (VIC)

Hereby is my Testimonial for the March Workshop 2017:
I am pretty sure that this kind of workshop will bring my trading to another level, which might change my life to be honest.
Really appreciate their effort and sharing about trading and the EA.
I can’t wait to finalize my first auto-trading system online.

Andrew (NSW)

A big thank you to you and all from Trade View team on the weekend.

I realise now that I have to define the logic for every part of my system and that will take time.

I didn’t realise how many steps are in my system until yesterday.

Its been built over a number of years – I see a specific candlestick pattern near S/R levels.

So the new journey to creating EA’s begins today.

Ted (Victoria)

Hi Robert,

I met you briefly at the seminar last night, it was good to meet you and some of the Trade View team in person.

Anyway this email is overdue I meant to send you one over Christmas, I signed up for the intermediate online course.

Anytime I have rung your office whoever I have spoken to have been friendly and polite and I get the feeling that they are genuinely happy to be there and that they care about the company and the client.

Eddie is fantastic and I look forward to working with him and Bisher in the future.

Robert you have a fantastic team and company ethos, and I believe that it has to come from the top down so congratulations.

Ric (Thailand)

Just wanted to say Thank You for the workshop last weekend on 26th and 27th November.

It was awesome, I learnt so much but also realized that I have so much more to learn.

I never felt rushed – all you guys took time to teach us so much.

I’ve actually made a few bots since then that do work but need some fine tuning.

Get ready over the next few weeks because I’m going to have lots more questions.

Thanks again and I’ll seen you guys in a few months for the Advanced workshop.


Dinh (VIC)

Just want to say a big thank you for the two day course.
The course was fantastic and it’s content rich in trading information.
Could not ask for a better introduction to trader development and trading education from a team that are actually trading themselves.
The whole team was excellent, informative and very friendly.
Definitely recommended for anyone who is serious about trading.
Keep up the excellent work guys.

Ivan (QLD)

The workshop gave me the knowledge to begin to work seriously on my own trading ideas.

The work we did in the EA Lab was priceless.

I’ll be frank: My first trading bot was not a wild success. However, that was the best thing that could have happened.

The true willingness of Trade View staff to help me with the system came through. Ball is now in my court.

One take away that I have: TVI is powerfully positive and enabling from the top down.

I know I can build the trading models I need to trade efficiently and well.

Incredible support and guidance from this company.

Thank you all.



Jesse H (NSW)

Hi Bisher,

Awesome to catch you guys last weekend, really reignited my interest in trading again now I have access to all the good stuff you guys provide.




Bruce S (WA)

Hi Eddie
That was a great course, I picked up so many tips.
It was good to meet yourself, Elay, Rob, Bish and others.  It will be good to swap notes further to improve systems even more.
Talk to you soon,


Ivan B (QLD)

Hey Ed,
Hope all is good mate – great this end.
Went through the building of the Trading System EA with EA Lab.
Ran a few back tests on the AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY – using various time frames.
End result: Some good, positive results.
Lots of wins/losses over a long time, but the EA we built was not designed to be a winner as much as it was designed to demonstrate what is possible. It achieved both.
I am still convinced also that the (proprietary time frames) can have very profitable EA’s constructed to trade them.
Won’t go into too much detail here, but I am impressed and believe I can turn my system into a great EA.
Firstly I will complete the course. The second half of the final unit shows how to utilise a custom indicator, and I have two of those to try to assimilate (proprietary indicator names).
Then I will have a go on my own, and attempt to solve my own issues if any arise.
Finally I will run the EA past you to see where things could be tidied up or made efficient.
Exciting days, and I am looking forward to the challenge.
What a great opportunity. Thank you Ed. Thank you TVI!


Shannon C (QLD)

I had a great workshop over the weekend, the guys where really helpful and I learned some fantastic stuff.
I am working on making more of my own automated strategies.


Rhett G (QLD)

The Trade View Intermediate Workshop is a really insightful look into the mind of real people who trade successfully for themselves and some of the thoughts, rules and tools they use to do this.
Don’t attend looking for an easy method or a 1-2-3 plan to make piles of cash. Attend if you’re looking for a means to trade profitably, how you can do this for yourself, and how real traders do it.
I now have the tools, the knowledge and I know the right mindset to be able to trade for a living and make it work.


Shri U (WA)

Thanks so much for your support and teaching the true trick of the FOREX Trading. You are my inspirational Guru.
Since, April 2015, I have learned so much, my confidence is building in Trading and in life.
Presently, I am on a short term project, there is a short of time, but this is not a excuse, I will work hard, regular practice tasks and back testing, I will develop discipline.
I would like to practice back testing of all three systems and demo trading, I would like to send my back testing results for your review and comments.
Still, I am at Module 4 Unit 2, I would like to complete all the modules.
While, I am in Melbourne, I will attend, every monthly class in Person, and would like to schedule my next session, in the mean time I will write down all the questions I have, and will discuss during my next session.


Ian A (VIC)

Firstly please allow me to thank you for your consideration, you said you were sorry to stop the work i was doing.
For this I am grateful and hope this revised work you find much better.
I appreciate your input very much and your attention to our work ( both Simon and myself and i guess all others as well) does some what surprise me
I consider myself very fortunate that a person with your skills takes the time to explain what must seem very basic to you
regards Ian


Ray J (QLD)

To the crew at Trade View Investments
I attended the intermediate workshop at Trade View and I can honestly say that the professionalism and detail that the guys went into to explain the course was excellent.
I would never have been able to create the systems without the help that I received off Rob and the other staff that were assisting us.
Thanks again to Rob and all the staff that assisted


Michael H (VIC)

I’m a beginner to the world of trading, hoping initially to trade part time and then eventually full time.
I started off with binary options with as much knowledge I gathered off online resources.
Without much success I decided take my trading  seriously and seeked professional knowledge.
That’s when I found Trade View Investments.
The Intermediate Workshop was a real eye opener in every sense and helped me realise the GAP between the amateurs and the professionals.
I’m confident in saying it has cut years off the learning curve, otherwise spent learning potential pitfalls in the dark.
Thanks again guys.


Richard N (VIC)

The workshop is fantastic, best thing I’ve ever seen or done in Forex training. Really clarifies things.


Ian A (VIC)

hi just a very quick note to express my gratitude toward the Trade View team for the time they spent sharing their experience of trading and what we need to do to try to progress forward

i think the greatest thing i learnt was how little i know and how much work i have to do


Tarang J (NSW)

I have been very busy juggling with work and learning and testing results.

I must thank you guys for the knowledge and support you have provided.

Based on your guidance, so far, I have been successful in implementing four different strategies-

  1. Chase– This strategy looks to scalp the markets by taking advantage of retail trader psychology
  2. BB– This strategy looks to trade the imbalance between the buyers and sellers
  3. Rev– This is a reversal strategy based on calculating the mathematical variance of the product and its reversion back to previous levels
  4. Div– This strategy is based on trading the divergences in the market

Results from live market trading are also positive. I am continually back testing and honing these strategies further.

I am attaching back testing results for one of my strategies for your review:

Thanks again for your ongoing support. Greatly appreciate it!

Find out more about his Journey here:



Pankaj S (NSW)

I am seriously blessed to have you as my mentor.

I don’t say that often enough but it’s true.

I thank you for guiding me through this maze of uncertainty.

Shri U (WA)

Today, It was a very good session on Traders Mindset, thanks so much for answering the question which I couldn’t ask, i.e regarding USDCHF price dropped.

And also detailing how the brain works in subconscious level, I got one book by: Matthew MacDonald, Book Name : Your Brain. The Missing Manual, I will read it.

Next, I would like to learn on Positive Affirmation Technics.


Swaran S (NSW)

With great excitement I am sharing my journey with you.

Firstly, let me thank you for your guidance and patience, which has been key in my achievement thus far.

My achievement in the month of March 2015 and April 2015 has been very encouraging and motivating for me.

I achieved 42 % for the month of March and 28% for the month of April.

This achievement, I would further attribute to the change in my attitude.

  • Attitude towards the system – believing in it fully
  • Work attitude – putting in a lot of time back testing and understanding the market and system
  • Self attitude – starting from what I want and how badly I want it.

I would also like to thank the whole team for being there, supporting and inspiring me in their own way.


Wayne M (NSW)

Trade View are the real deal. Real traders who walk the walk.

They are a great resource to have on your side while pursuing trading as a profession.
I have been trading for many years and realise I have a lot more to learn.

I am lucky to have Trade View their to assist me with their practical knowledge & experience.


Jenny (Canada)

Thank you for your time in giving us an outstanding webinar, where you showed us how you draw U trend structure and trend lines from previous time periods.

I thank you again.


Barry (NSW)

Thank you for sharing your time and amazing insights! I’m always exhausted by the amount I learn to improve my trading.

What I appreciate even more is that you share psychology lessons your personal experiences that I can apply to trading and my life.

We all are presented with a variety of opportunities; some are very unexpected and not obvious at first sight.  It’s inspiring to see what you are doing with the opportunities that you’ve been presented.

Thanks again and great to see you.


Rosemary and Jan (NSW)

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your expertise at our meetings (March 3-5). We learnt so much from the three days. It was great to see you again and be inspired. We are constantly reminded of how amazing your systems are.

How privileged we are to be guided and mentored by you.

We realise that our learning is a step-by-step process and we are gaining momentum in understanding. The time we spent with you in Melbourne provided a clearer understanding of your business models. We know that we have further to go in our knowledge and understanding and we look forward with great enthusiasm to the future.

Thank you for answering our many questions so patiently and particularly correcting some misunderstandings that have been holding us back.

We appreciated the professional learning space you provided, as well as your encouraging and inspiring direction and clarification.

The 12 pages of notes I took is evidence of the depth and breadth of information you provided.

Also it was great to meet Robert and we appreciated his welcoming attitude.

Thank you again.


Danny (Melton, Victoria)

I’ve been trying to trade now for over five years without any success at all. Yes I’m one of those guys who went from one strategy to another spending money that any hard working person would cringe at the thought. Yes I have spent money that went nowhere. It would be fair to say that I thought this game was for people who were special and had a gift. I was beginning to doubt big time.

But when I was just about to give up, I found a trading firm that educated traders. I guess I decided to give them a try because they were in Melbourne. The first conversation I had with them was in regards to their course, which entailed discussions about systems on the computer. When I heard the word computer, I can say I was put off. The reason for that is I am very computer illiterate.
The second conversation was about life as a trader, I was invited into the trading room were I saw people working as traders for a living. It made things real for me. But computers were still on my mind, I knew that making systems was the right thing to do and made things so much quicker in regards to back testing. Manual back testing could take days this would allow me to see if my system worked in second or minutes.

I decided to take the plunge even with the fear of technology still in the back of my mind. This time I knew it was different. I was not buying a strategy I was going to be taught to make my own system with lots of useful trading information for real life trading. I went to the office to do the intermediate workshop, which I found to be very educational and informative. I received so many Ah-ha moments about trading, it was unreal. As for the computer fear it was gone as Rob, Edwin and Greg were very patient and gave me a lot of time as they knew I was not the best with technology.

I was hooked I started to see light at the end of the tunnel, I knew this could be done. I decided then that I would sit on the trading floor with the real traders, so I could be around the action. I wanted to learn from these people who were trading for a living as I knew that is what I wanted to do.

Sitting on the floor for the month with the real traders, being around the action is where my real education started to happen. I put my first full system together and got heaps and heaps of information about the reality of trading. I finally felt some structure and consistency about my trading. I can say that the month on the floor with the traders was one of the greatest experiences of my life. In that month my trading knowledge has been propelled like nothing else. I really want to thank Rob and all the traders for all their help, patience and knowledge. I am forever grateful.

If you’re thinking about it-  don’t, just do it.  It will be one of the best moves you make.


Graeme (QLD)

I have been around the investment world for over 20 years buying and selling shares, trading Options, CFD’s, the DAX and finally Forex. It was not until I found Forex that I realised the potential to make an income that would secure my financial future. I have bought many books and attended even more webinars trying to find out as much as I could about this fascinating instrument but I was not getting anywhere. I had the ideas but was not able to bring it all together so that I could successfully trade the Forex.

Through a Broker Invitation I attended a webinar conducted by Trade View Investments and from this I signed up and attended their weekend Intermediate Trading Course at TVI offices in Melbourne. What a revelation it was to be introduced to the real world of trading Forex, to get an insight into who one is actually competing against and what they will do to relieve you of your money and what you can do to meet them at their own game through knowledge and skills taught during this course. Yes we are only the small fry in the game but serious money can be made with the correct knowledge. At the conclusion of the weekend I realised that I should have attended this course much sooner as I would be much further down the track to becoming a successful trader.

Great work Trade View Investments and I thank you for the knowledge and experience that you have passed on to me. I would recommend to anyone contemplating a future as a Forex Trader to get to Melbourne and attend the next course as you will never regret it.

Doug (VIC)

I just wanted to say thanks for running such a great workshop. It was fantastic to spend a couple of days learning the insights of a seasoned trader. I have walked away with a lot of new information and ideas to try. The beauty is that instead of learning someone else’s strategy which may not suit your risk tolerance or personality, you are guided through the process of building, optimizing and monitoring your own unique system.
I am hoping to form a two-man Algo team with a friend of mine and I have already recommended that he attend the workshop. If things go well between now and then I would even consider paying for him to do it and I wouldn’t rule out doing it again myself just as a periodic refresher and to keep up with the times. 
The lunches provided were awesome and the staff always helpful. I feel that further education through Trade View Investments would be money well spent. Also, the group size was small allowing the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and also facilitating open discussion.
I also completed the online version of the workshop beforehand which was really helpful and wasn’t charged for both. My personal opinion is that such ethics leave some other Forex education companies for dead.
Thanks for a truly worthwhile weekend.
Doug L


Gerard (NSW)

This course was exactly what I was looking for, how to implement my ideas and then being able to quickly back-test, refine and then implement. So much about investing and making money in the financial markets is about finding an edge, doing something slightly different to everyone else.  This is exactly what Robert encourages.

The training is straight forward and you get to work with people who have careers in quantitative analysis.  I would recommend this to those people who want something more rather than just following other people’s processes.


Sam (NSW)

I have been wanting to email you for sometime but since attending your workshop and flying back to Sydney, I have been very busy implementing some very important and interesting aspects of what I have learnt from the intermediate workshop. (thanks for waiting for me after work for about an hour at the office while I was trying to get a taxi on a busy Friday afternoon J ).

I have attended many seminars and “Know it All” kind of companies one day free education days to be disappointed after they try to hard sell to us one of their so called “Winning systems” and so on. They promise the world and try to attract us by showing us the unrealistic highly “Winning” trades as an example but they never really talk about the losses too.

My journey with you guys has been very satisfying experience right from day one as you were not pushy or hard sellers either. You have also been very easy to contact.

I was actually surprised (having done the online theory studies) by the amount of knowledge that was conveyed and the way it was done in the two-day face-to-face course in Melbourne.

Your knowledge and experience (being real traders yourselves) was excellent and you have been very realistic about Forex in general and you have set the real expectations as opposed to “you will be a millionaire by trading Forex” .

The other satisfying aspect is the fact that you are not interested in selling us your working system. On the other hand you did not come across with a “Teach them” mentality but rather with “I want to make sure these guys learn” mentality. You wanted to make sure we can build systems properly and not buy systems that do not fit with our trading mentality.

There is so much to say but I will finish by saying the following:

No one can ever get enough training in any field, let alone Forex, but I must admit that this two-day course (felt like 2 hours L) has been a turning point and a huge leap forward

In my Forex career and education. This course  has cemented a lot of my knowledge and paved the way to make the most out of this knowledge. This course has also made me understand how to use this knowledge to my advantage in the right way and how to utilise technology to cut down on a lot of Forex trading traps and the time I have to spend in front of my computer.

I am hoping that once I build solid foundation implementing what I have learnt,  I will come to Melbourne for the advanced course and spend a month there with you guys (L away from family but I am sure it will be worth it).

All the best to you and everyone who helped. Keep up the good work.


Todd (VIC)

Hi Guys,

The workshop made me realise the importance of developing strategies, that back test well, and the correct logic to execute those strategies. After having attended the workshop, I feel that my compass has been aligned and I now know which direction I am heading in. With the knowledge that I have received, discipline, and hard work, I am confident that I will reach my goal of being a successful trader.




Michael (WA)

Just thought I’d touch base to say I completed the intermediate course a while ago now, and I have learnt some very important skills especially with regard to backtesting and evaluating my results.

I have created a couple of trading systems that appear to have potential (I have backtested five years worth of data, including tick data I needed to import for one of the low-timeframe systems.I intend on setting up a demo account on a VPS and running them live for a while to see how they go.

Thanks again for encouraging me to partake in your course; not only did I learn a bunch of important things but it has provided me motivation to focus on proper system development and evaluation, rather than manual ‘trial and error’. Hope to keep in touch.




Dave (VIC)


Q1  Is the Trade View Intermediate Workshop worthwhile taking?

Q2  Is the Pope Catholic?

Q3  Does the Intermediate Workshop deliver value for money?

Q4  (Return to Qn.2!)

Having taken the Intermediate Workshop in August 2013, and now with the benefit of hindsight, I can happily attest that it has provided beyond my initial expectations and hopes.

Prior to taking the workshop I had been actively trading shares for seven years and CFDs of shares for over one year. I had not been an intra-day (aka Day) trader. I had not previously traded indices, currencies or commodities.

What the Intermediate Workshop delivers is not only a succinct review of some of the more pertinent and useful theoretical aspects of trading, but it also provides incredibly practical tools (and hands-on education in how to use them) that are used in the development, back-testing and evaluation of trading ideas and trading systems. These are applicable and good for not only (intra-)Day trading but also for end-of-day traders as well. You come away truly well armed to take your own trading methods and ideas and actual trading practice to altogether another level. The Workshop is only the start for each participant’s further development and enhancement as a trader.

The Workshop group size is small (fewer than 10) which means that the quality of attention received by participants is high.

If you chose to participate in a trader development workshop conducted by Robert Bubalovski, you are guaranteed to pick up a number of practical and highly effective trading tips and truths. Robert has a refreshing, open, raw honesty in what he presents, and about what works. It’s no accident that he heads up a developing and very impressive Prop Trading firm. Robert is first and foremost “a trader”; he is in fact a trader’s trader. Ask yourself, “Who better to learn from?”

Again, given the benefit of hindsight, for me the question of whether participating in the Trade View Intermediate Workshop is a cost-effective, performance enhancing thing to do or not is a no-brainer. It’s up to you.




An excellent workshop for experienced traders, covering all aspects of trading. Each module had a right balance of reinforcing the basics (e.g. risk management) and new information (e.g. using lesser known technical indicators). I would recommend this workshop to anyone who takes their trading seriously and especially to those who would like to learn about automated trading strategies.

Attended a number of trading courses, Trade View intermediate workshop was certainly one of the most professionally run, with information tailored to experienced traders. The content was challenging, with plenty of opportunities for group discussion and exchange of ideas. Learning resources (slides, trading plan template) were of exceptional quality, reflecting the boutique nature of the business.

He took time answering questions from the participants and ensured that everyone kept up with the pace of the workshop, very well done indeed!

Robert answered my questions about the workshop, without the ‘hard sell’ factor which is often present in the investment education space.

I appreciated this personal touch, which is often lacking when dealing with the mass market investment education providers.

is a case what you get what you pay for. Whilst there is a plethora of education options on the market, there are not many real trading firms who offer these types of workshops, facilitated by real traders and not consultants and coaches. The insights into the real trading glimpsed during the workshop and a small group format have delivered real value.

have already mentioned the workshop to several friends who are thinking about learning to trade or taking their trading into the next level.

the best Australian workshop I have attended and one of the best globally (and I have attended a number of them!). The key difference: workshop presented by real traders and not by analysts or investment education providers who have never traded their own money..



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