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Trading Talk – Episode 91 – False Breakouts

Welcome to Episode 91 of Trading Talk.

Trading Talk is a weekly video series that shows you different trading strategies and techniques that traders at Trade View use.

We cover a specific trading topic every week. This will ensure you learn a variety of concepts you can apply in your own trades.

With EA Lab and EA Analyser, we automate our trading strategies and build algorithmic models to maximise market movements.

If you are looking to upgrade your trading skills from manual to automated, then Trading Talk can help you with this.

By watching the videos every Friday, we are confident you will learn to build your own working automated trading models.

A special edition of Trading Talk this week as Senior Trader Bisher Khudeira will be discussing the use of False Breakouts.

This type of model can be used for markets which are prone to false breakouts or have a strong mean reverting behaviour.

Bisher takes you through the entire process, starting with the building phase, all the way to the testing.

We hope you enjoy the video.


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