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Trader Profile – Onkar Singh

We would like to Introduce one of our Students who is a product of our In-House Systems Building Workshop. Onkar is currently pursuing his career as a full time Forex Trader.

Below you will find out more about his journey.



A very good friend of mine introduced me to the world of trading as a means of Changing my Career, make additional money and bring flexibility to my life, where I can spend more time with my two beautiful daughters, take them to school and be my own boss with the freedom to take my work anywhere.

I always wanted to know why certain currencies go up and why certain currencies go down, I never thought that one day I will become full time trader. After meeting with Trade View, they showed me trading system and I knew straight away that this is a real deal, so I took action and jumped at the chance to learn to trade from a professional traders.


Brief background about your trading 

When I started trading I had very little understanding of how the markets actually work. Trade View introduced me to the world of trading with their very simple system and very simple way of trading. When I did my first back test using Trade View’s system I knew straight away that this is for me and this system can actually work.


What you have learnt via TVI’s Trader Development Program

I learnt everything about the market and trading only using Trade View’s Trader Development Program. I learnt how to use the system, how to follow strict rules set by  Trade View and how to take both entry and exits. I also learnt one of the most important things about trading using this system “what not to do when”.  I spent many hours doing back-testing and I am becoming better and better every day using this system. This is the only system I have ever used and don’t see any reason why I need anything else because this system has everything I need to become a successful trader by trading every day, every week and every month.


Please share some of your success and failures while learning to trade

I had some early setbacks when my profit was less than my losses but that was during my learning stage for the first three months. Now that I understand the system better, I have developed my own checklist and follow it for the both entry and exit. My trading has improved as now my positive months are greater than my negative ones.


Future Goals

My Goals are very simple, just trade and become better and better every day. Spend lots of time with my young  family and do voluntary work for Red Cross and Salvation Army.


Join us in our next In-House Systems Building Workshop to start learning how to automate your trades and develop trading and money management strategies that suit your needs.


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