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Trader Profile – Max Sainty

We would like to introduce Max, who having completed our In-House Intermediate Program recently, is now building fantastic models and working towards becoming a full-time trader.

Below you will find out more about his journey.

This month we also have a special interview with Max, which you can watch here:


My name is Max Sainty. I am 60 years old and was born in Tauranga New Zealand. One of my life time loves and joys has been flying specifically with gliders, and in later life trading.

I have been trading on and off for about 8-9 years since suffering a workplace injury and being unable to return to full time work. Previously I was trading futures which wasn’t very consistent and carried larger Risk factor and higher margins. Over time I realised that FX fit my criteria and gave me more control over what I am doing, but the beauty about Trading FX is having control over my lot size. This allowed me to better control my margin requirements.

I feel in today’s world many people have computers and all they do is use them for content. I have always looked at them as an opportunity to create a source of income for myself. People complain about not having enough money but don’t see the opportunity they have, if I can do it anyone can do it.


Brief background about your trading

After suffering a major injury and being told I was unable to go back to my career as a Security Guard, I saw an opportunity to dive into the markets. This allowed me to expand my portfolio and understanding of the markets and give the chance to become a full time trader.

I still remember my first Trade in FX on the GBPUSD, which I recall one of my most memorable winning trades. At this point I knew I had a passion for Trading and being involved with the markets.

After purchasing some EA’s and signal services, I wanted a better edge on the markets to improve the probability of my win rate and reduce the risks associated with these services.  However I always wanted to have a better understanding of how they got their signals and key levels. I was eager to learn.

Over time I realised one very important thing: There are a lot of trading gurus which state all their success but never show results. It takes a lot more conviction to actually do it yourself and the process and things I obtained never met that conviction.

And so I decided to study everything I could get my hands on. Sadly this included a lot of educator’s information which wasn’t in line with how the markets really worked, and I never got any value out of it.


What you learnt at Trade View

I learnt not to be so focused on going for that large win; and accept smaller gains and losses more frequently. I also learnt that you have to control your risk at all times, and quite simply- let my systems do their job.

I have also learnt how to define and follow my rules. Not every losing trade is a bad trade as long as it was implemented according to your rules. A trade that makes a profit but did not follow the rules is worse than one that makes a loss.

Because it rewards you for not following your rules.


I began to aim for consistency rather than “how much money can I make at the end of this trade”.

Please share some of your successes and failures while learning to trade:

The successes have only been recent but there are a whole string of failures I have learnt from.

I think believing too much on what is on the internet, and spending money on systems and online educators can be costly and dangerous if you don’t understand how they really work.

Downsizing expectations as far as returns go also helps managing risk and overall drawdown. This way- I began to aim for consistency rather than “how much money can I make at the end of this trade”.

To me it’s not about this trade, it’s about the long term goal and at the end of each year If I have to pay taxes on my trades that’s fantastic because I know I’ve made money.

One of the most important things in trading is consistency and following your rules, something no one else ever elaborates on. Trade View has a deep understanding of algorithmic and systematic trading and the importance of them in today’s market is evident: you can’t sit in front of your computer 24 hours a day to take a trade or wait for a certain pop to occur.



What are your future Goals?

In the future I hope to be trading full-time with larger funds or through the Trade View prop trading programme.

It has always been a passion for myself and the challenge is something I love, providing myself and my family, taking my wife out on a holiday helping my grand children. This is what motivates me to reach my long term goals. And the only way to do this is to trade like a professional.


If you would like us to help you achieve results like Max, call us now to book your seat at our next available In-House Systems Building Workshop.

We can show you how we trade various markets on the desk, in all kinds of market conditions, using multiple strategies.



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