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Trader Profile – Bruce Ross

We would like to introduce Bruce, who completed our In-House Intermediate Program a few months ago, and is building some very interesting models to say the least!

Bruce comes from a science/technical background, and below you will find out more about his journey.



Throughout my career, I have had a varied work history that has ultimately led me to trading full time. Originally a medical research scientist, I moved to a pharmaceutical company where I obtained a computer science qualification and specialised in large data analytics.

As I progressed to larger IT companies (IBM and Microsoft), this exposed me to enterprise level computing that took my skills to a new level.  

Following this, I ran a successful café to try something completely different, and started trading about five years ago after one of my long term friends asked me to code strategies for him; and shortly afterwards I was hooked!


Brief background about your trading

As mentioned I started trading approximately five years ago but only recently have I started trading real money (since mid-2016). My focus has since shifted to trading full-time, and I have given myself this year to establish and run my models, to turn trading into a sustainable business for myself.

I am currently using a combination of EAs and indicators to trade, whilst continuing to work on new models that are up to the standard required for live accounts.


What you learnt at Trade View

The biggest thing I learnt at Trade View were techniques for good money and risk management practices, which I now fully incorporate in my trading approach.

Second to this, I learnt that relatively simple concepts drawn together using simple tools and select ideas can yield significantly better results.


Please share some of your successes and failures while learning to trade

I have had the usual early failures that all traders seem to have to gone through.

I have learnt that patience and discipline are key attributes in this stressful business, and it is a continual challenge as we search for improvements.

With automated trading, you simply cannot test enough for long enough, forward testing is the gold standard. I have a server constantly running at least 20 instances of MT4 at any one time and I keep detailed records.  EA’s cannot be left alone to do their thing, they need supervision primarily because they are not news aware.



What are your future Goals?

My trading plan has a number of objectives. The first is to earn enough from trading my own money to be self-sustaining. The second is to trade other people’s money (starting with some of my wealthy friends!).  I set no limits on where this second objective may lead.



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