Build, Test & Trade Automated Trading Systems.

Systems Building Program

Step out of the past and into 2021.

There’s no longer any need for guesswork when you can build your strategy, test it and understand its historical probability and then trade it.

Why wait for your trading rules to occur when you can let the computer place the trade for you at exactly the right time.

With automated trading you have 100% control.

In our systems building program we’ll show you how we do it and take your trading to the next level – fast.

Systems Building

Move forward today and start trading with 100% control.


Trade View X Required

? Trade View X is required so that you can build, test & trade as we show you.

Get Trade View X for $99/mo. with this program.
Standalone Price $149/mo.

You can subscribe upon purchase of the programs.

Program Content

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System Building Process

Learn the correct process for building an automated model with Trade View X.

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Backtesting Systems

Learn the correct process for backtesting an automated model with Trade View X.

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Analysing Systems

We show you how to interpret model performance.

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Deploying Systems

See how we take models live.

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System Characteristics

Learn about different types of models and how they work.

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Money Management Model

Access and use our proprietary money management model.

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The Key Indicators

Learn the key indicators we use including custom indicators only available in this program.

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Webinar Archive

Access to our archive of webinar recordings.

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Trading Plan

Comprehensive, guided, trading plan for you to complete.

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