The ideal program for new traders.

Introduction to Markets

Get started the right way. Build your confidence and take your trading to the next level.

Start understanding the role of brokers, the types of financial instruments to trade, key strategies, risk management and much much more.

Introduction to Markets

Full of essential knowledge to build your confidence and take you to the next step.


Program Content

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Financial Markets

Twelve topics including Brokers and Dealers and how they actually work.​
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Ten topics including Risk management and hedging.
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Twelve topics introducing you to different ways to trade Forex.
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Managing Risk

We explain the importance of Risk Management in your overall success.

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Fundamental Analysis

Eighteen topics including the real fundamentals about Forex trading.

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Technical Analysis

We cover 100+ Chart Patterns and Indicators that you need to know.

The essential knowledge to build your confidence and take you to the next step.​

Commonly asked questions.

This program is suitable for those who have never traded and would like to learn about the markets from professional firm that trades for a living.

There are over 250 pages of content which you can work through at your own pace.

If you are looking to automate your trades, or have some experience in the markets, then our Systems Building programs are more suitable for you.

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