June 2017 Intermediate Trading Workshop Highlights

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Trade View June 2017 Intermediate Trading Workshop

June 2017 Intermediate Trading Workshop Highlights

Last weekend we hosted our in-house Intermediate Trading Workshop.

In these workshops, you will learn how to build your algorithmic trading models step-by-step, learn the techniques and trading tools we use on our trading desk, and work with our traders to continue to build trading strategies going forward.

Click on the video below to see some highlights from the weekend, and initial results of their builds!

Attendees learnt elements of Trade View’s own proprietary trading systems, and were exposed to the very same trading techniques and ideas that our prop traders use on a daily basis.

Each trader built their very own system based on the strategies they have been using and implementing ideas taught by us, we were able to help them test, analyse and improve their results.

We’ve already received great questions from these traders since the weekend, and will be working with them closely going forward to help them improve their results further.

If you want to learn how we build our model, our next available workshop is in JULY which has only 2 seats remaining. Seats are STRICTLY LIMITED so if you want to learn how professionals build automated strategies, do not wait.


2017 Algo Trading Conference UPDATE:

As you may be aware our 2017 Algo Conference is now FULLY BOOKED!

If you missed out and are interested in finding out more, you can join the Waiting List by clicking on the image below to REGISTER your details.