Trade View July 2017 Intermediate Trading Workshop

July 2017 Intermediate Trading Workshop Highlights

July 2017 Intermediate Trading Workshop Highlights

Last weekend we hosted our in-house Intermediate Trading Workshop.

In these workshops, you will learn how to build your algorithmic trading models step-by-step, learn the techniques and trading tools we use on our trading desk, and work with our traders to continue to build trading strategies going forward.

Click on the video below to see some highlights from the weekend, and initial results of their builds!

Students once AGAIN built some great strategies and left with models they can improve and build upon.

More importantly, they now have the tools to build any strategy they like going forward and analyse the results to understand how the model performs across a variety of conditions and markets.


2017 Algo Trading Conference UPDATE:















As you may be aware, we have secured a larger room with additional seating for our 2017 Algo Conference.

These seats are strictly limited and our waiting list allocation is almost exhausted.

If you would like more information on how to attend, you must REGISTER your details by clicking on the image above!


To join our next sessions, please click on the link below.

Intermediate Workshop

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