We understand that you will have questions about our service:

  1. What is a ‘Prop’ Trader?
    ‘Prop’ refers to ‘Proprietary’. A Prop Trader is typically a person who trades the firm’s money using multiple trading strategies across many different asset classes. These include Stocks, Futures, Commodities, FX and Options. Strategies include directional trading, long short portfolio spread trading, hedging, arbitrage and volatility based trading.
  2. What are the advantages of Prop Trading?
    The main advantages of Prop Trading are that you have access to trade with a larger capital base and therefore capitalise further on your edge in the market. You are able to trade a larger range of markets and get access to cheaper commissions, access to rebates on your trades.
  3. Why become a Prop Trader with Trade View?
    The main reason you would join Trade View Investments is the extra support we give you:

    • IT – programming support & development.
    • Access to a Bloomberg/Reuters terminal
    • 24 Hr Dealing Room
    • Discuss strategies with other traders
    • Additional training if needed
    • Competitive payout structures
  4. How do I become a ‘Prop’ trader with Trade View Investments?
    You must have traded your own funds for at least 3 years, or have completed the Advanced Workshop before you can apply to become a trader with us.In our Advanced Workshop we may offer a ‘HOT SEAT’ to the most promising. This means if invited you will sit next to our Prop Traders while you learn and trade.If you do not meet the above criteria you may want to look at our complete training provided under Trader Development .
  5. Once offered a seat at Trade View, how much money do I get to trade with and what is the profit share?
    The following options are available to our traders based on qualifications.

    50% your funds – 50% our funds80-20
    Trade Our funds – no wage60-40 – negotiated over time
    Trade our funds – with a wage40-60 after base wage is met in profits
    100% your funds100% – pay monthly desk fee (to be negotiated)

    Trade View also provides training, IT – programming support & development.

  6. Am I able to trade from home?
    If you use our funds – Initially No, you are expected to trade on the desk as this is where the ongoing training is provided. Over time and as your experience grows this may be possible.
  7. What markets are offered to trade?
    The following markets are available to our traders based on qualifications.

    StocksStock Options
    Cash Index & FuturesIndex Options
    ForexForex Options
    CommoditiesCommodity Options
    BondsFixed Income / Money Markets

    If you have further questions please contact us.