Fundamentally Speaking: Supply And Demand

As an algorithmic trading firm, most of our models make extensive use of technical, statistical, and mathematical concepts towards exploiting an edge in markets. Some markets, such as the S&P500 which is an extremely efficient market as defined by statistical measures and price/volume techniques, respond very well to the use of these tools. Other markets, such as Crude Oil, lack the same efficiency seen in the S&P500; however it offers much higher levels of volatility.

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Trader Profile – Clive Backhouse

My name is Clive Backhouse and I live in Sydney’s inner west along the Parramatta River. As our three children have left home, my wife and I live in an apartment overlooking the river with views to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I fully retired eighteen months ago after 48 years in the Aviation industry, seventeen years working for the Australian Government and thirty one years in my own business.

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