Algo Trading Conference

November 27th 2021

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Get Your Edge

Trade Like a Professional Trader

Understanding the markets, developing good trading ideas and building them into automated systems requires experience.

We have secured three World Class Professional Traders, to show you one of the automated models they trade themselves. 

Now YOU can start trading with an edge.

The Conference

Build Systems from World Class Traders | November 27th 2021 | 09:00 am

FULL DAY of hands on building systems with three World Class Traders.

Each trader will show you how to build one of the automated models they trade – no programming experience required.

You get to keep the models they build.

Suitable for Beginner to Advanced Traders.

Seats are limited to 150 people – so book yours NOW.

2021 Speakers

Trevor Neil


Perry Kaufman

Financial Engineer, Systematic Trader

Stefano Serafini

World Trading Champion

The Systems

Trevor Neil

Trevor’s model has been tested and evolved since he started his fund in 2006. It looks to ‘buy-the-dip’ in a strong trend and includes several key filters and risk management features.

Perry Kaufman

Perry’s model contains numerous concepts and techniques including trend, portfolio selection, using volume, volatility and his custom created indicators to identify key market turning points.

Stefano Serafini

Stefano’s model exploits key intra-day session biases, trading both trend and mean reversion styles accordingly. This identified bias can greatly increase the probability of trade success.

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