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2019 Algo Trading Conference Speakers – Dr. Roger Hunter

The 2019 Algo Trading Conference sees Four World Class Professional Traders grace the stage at the Sofitel on Collins in Melbourne as they present those in attendance one of the automated models they trade themselves.

With November 30 fast approaching, it’s time to get to know our speakers better and hear what they have planned for their presentation.

Dr. Roger Hunter is the Chief Technology Officer of QTS. He is responsible for designing the high-performance automated execution system that achieved negative slippage.

Roger was the founder and former manager of a highly profitable equities fund, and was the founder and former CEO of a software firm employing more than 40 professionals that was sold to Thomson Reuters.

Hear from Dr. Roger as he gets ready for his co-presentation with Dr. Ernie Chan.

Four World Class speakers are locked in for 2019, promising to make this year’s event Bigger, Better and Faster than ever before.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the Trading Event of 2019 register your interest HERE. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other speakers at the 2019 Conference and see all the highlights from the 2018 edition.

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